Sunday, January 24, 2010

Convenience Not Inconvenience

This was the lead Story in the January 25, 2010 Edition of Condevco's "Meter" Newsletter

Darcee and I were in Pittsburgh over the Christmas Holiday, to spend the Holidays with our extended families. While the circumstances aren’t important, we ended up at about 2:00PM on Christmas Day in a borrowed car heading for a visit. The snow was falling lightly and we Floridians were cold!!

We were hungry and knew our Christmas dinner wasn’t scheduled until about 6:30 that night. We were out in a rural area, no fast-food was around. So, we stopped into a convenience store to see what we could get to tide us over. Not one of the great chains that operate around Pittsburgh; no Sheetz or GetGo was close enough. As we pulled into the little store with two dispensers and 4 parking spots, we weren’t feeling too optimistic about our prospects. Maybe some Twinkies and a Slim Jim...

And, we walked into what the best of convenience can be! Two nice ladies were staffing the store, the one behind the counter dressed as Santa Claus, and freshly made and packed sandwiches (and good!) were in the cooler case for $2.99 each. The other employee offered us cookies from a tray one of her friends had just brought in! The store was clean, the staff was friendly , and it really affirmed what our business is all about.

They made working on Christmas into a gift and not a chore. You couldn't train what was going on there, just nice people who were doing the task they had to complete to the very best of their ability.!

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